Monday, 16 September 2013


The children are enjoying learning about sustainability.  They identified a class need and set about designing (using the design process) their own pro-type of a classroom bin to put Room 1's food scraps into.

The criteria:

  • A bin that we didn't have to handled too much
  • A bin that was sealed in someway
  • A bin that was smell free
Tanika and Zoe hard at work!

The boys are concentrating hard!

Sadiyah uses the hot glue gun
to put her pro-type together.

Still hard at work!

Brooke and Campbell
getting ready to use the hot glue gun.

Campbell and Annabelle thinking about
putting their pro-type together.

Hi All

Last Friday the children had a great time dressing up as their favourite book character.  Isaac came first in the Year 3 category and Soulin came 3rd.  Well done boys.  

Everyone had a great day and it was fabulous to see lots of children with their books also.

Room 1 learning about composting and worms:

The children had a fabulous time learning about worms at the eco department.  Here are some photos of the children making their own worm farm and learning some valuable information.

The instructor talked to us about how
to pick up and handle the worms.

Some of us weren't too happy about
touching the worms.

We dug up earth worms so we could 
compare them to tiger worms.

We were shown how to rip up the paper into
strips which were then put into water to soak.
We put some of these strips into our
containers to help with composting.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Room 1 Calendar Art

Hi All,

Please find attached the children's art for the art calendars.  Order forms will be coming home shortly. There are also copies for you to view in the classroom.  They have made an awesome job!

The children were learning to draw leaves free hand, make their picture fit the size of each box and paint with autumn colours. 

Mrs GH.