Friday, 15 May 2015

Kids Can Cook

Yesterday Chris Fortune had a Kids Can Cook session with us. We tried some yummy apple and silverbeet crepes.

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Here is a link to the Kids Can Cook website for parents

Apple and Silver Beet Crepes 
The key is to get the kids to make them as well. Crepes are easy and fun and you can fill with any filling – even leftovers!

1 Cup Flour
1.5 cups of milk
2 eggs
Apples, Grated
Silverbeet or Spinach, Washed

Mix  milk and eggs, whisk into flour and leave to rest for 20 mins.  If it is too thick thin with a little milk.  Ladle into crepe pans and cook until golden brown, leave to cool.  Mix Apple and thinly sliced silver beet together,  and roll up into a tight cylinder.  Slice and serve cold or heat by placing in the oven with a little cheese over the top.  


·   Plant silver beet and rocket as a never ending supply of greens in a small garden space
  •      Plant sensory gardens - rosemary, thyme, lavender - easy to look after and green all year round
·   Get kids to  mash potatoes that are left over from the night and add vegetables and turn into fritters
·   Make Sweet crepes with berries or apples and cottage cheese.
·   Grate any vegetable and eat it raw rather than cooking it
·   Eat the pumpkin or Zucchini male flowers raw or stuffed with grated vegetables
·   Use Breadcrumbs to help make sauces thicker or keep vegetable juices in
·   Take a juicer to the kitchen and experiment with fresh vegetable juices (ie beetroot and apple, celery and ginger, pumpkin and orange etc etc)
·   Make herb pesto’s and freeze in ice cube trays to use later in the year
·   Put your kitchen work bench in the middle so that all can gather around and reduces the mess in the kitchen
·   Use a potato peeler rather than a knife for cutting and chopping
·   Have fun and smile in the Kitchen, it is all about giving it a go

Objective - “A Community of Kids feeding themselves."

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Forces and Motion

Today we used a force to move an object.

Prediction: We predicted that the different sized and different weight balls would take different amounts of force to make them move the same distance (1metre)

Results: The tennis ball took the most number of breathes to go one metre. The golf ball took a few less breathes and the ping pong ball took the least number of breathes to go one metre.

Conclusion: This is because the heavier the object is, the more force is needed to move it.

Forces and Motion on PhotoPeach

Friday, 8 May 2015

The Great Pumpkin Competition

Miss Wood visited us with the two giant pumpkins. We are learning to estimate in kilograms.
Miss Wood gave us a clue - one of the giant pumpkins weighs more than Jayden!

The winner of the Great Pumpkin Competition will make soup for the whole school!

Miss Wood is so strong!! 

Jayden is not quite as heavy as one of the giant pumpkins 

We are looking forward to seeing who wins the competition