Integrated Topic

Planet Earth and Beyond - Term 4 Integrated Topic 

Big Idea
What changes could we make to protect our earth?

The children will understand that

  • We need the sun to survive
  • The earth is affected by the sun

Play this game: 

Term 3 - Education Brief 

Big Idea
What changes could we make to our learning environment?

Oaklands School is getting redeveloped and we are brainstorming ideas about how we could change our environment.

Habitats - Term 2

Big Idea - Living World

What changes do I need to make to protect habitats and species?


Recognise that living things are suited to their particular habitat.

Learning Intentions:

I can identify and describe a  freshwater invertebrate.

I can describe some of the things they need in a healthy habitat.

This term we are learning about Healthy Eating and how we can keep ourselves healthy.  
We will be investigating what eating a balanced diet means, including the importance of choosing a wide variety of foods and drinks from all the food groups.

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